Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Obliques, glutes, psoas, etc etc.

Day 101 of practice.

Today was mostly about cleaning the house, which meant that I had music playing all day and I did little practice shimmies here and there, but I don't want to let that become too major of an element of my daily practice. I'm going to try to move away from even letting that count for the half-hour total, since it's really hard to focus on good posture and using the right muscles when I've also got my arms full of laundry. It is still a great way to practice walking shimmies, and to get to know new music, but it's not the best use of my practice time and should really be considered a bonus.

I did make time for some real practice. I did some of the homework that Mira gave us, practicing glute and oblique shimmies, ovary crushers (take that, ovaries!), pelvic floor muscle exercises, and really just mulling over a lot of what she said in the workshops. I'm going to do more of the isolations while I read tonight, since they can be done lying down.

I also ran through my solo, but I asked Chris to watch me, which through me off because I was performing for him instead of focusing on the moves. I definitely need to put more work into it tomorrow, run it a few times and make up for being kind of screwy tonight.

My plan was to have a picture of my Day 100 reward, but I got busy, so I'll just describe it... A black 25 yard skirt with silver stripes. It's so pretty! A few of my friends have them (and Meghan and Rosie wore them for their performance this weekend), and I've been really wanting one of my own because it's so beautiful and unusual, but it was too expensive to just buy on a whim, since I already have two 25 yard skirts, a 10 yard skirt, and a 9 yard skirt (plus 25 yard pants). I was saving it for a special occasion, and 100 days of practice felt pretty special!


  1. 100 days of practice - congratulations!! You deserve a skirt... and more! :-)

  2. Thanks Mahin :) I think that the skirt and workshops with Mira Betz were a pretty good reward... anything more and I would have felt spoiled :D

    (Although at this rate, I'll have to change the blog title to Dance Skirt Addict!)


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