Saturday, June 25, 2011

Amazing dream

I had an amazing dream this morning. In my dream, I had wings... natural, fully functional faerie wings growing out of my back. Otherwise I was still me, still a belly dancer. An event organizer found me, and because of my wings, they wanted to make me the opening act of this really big, artistic dance show. They didn't publicize the fact that I had wings. I got all dressed up in an amazing costume (Well, I didn't really see my costume in my dream, but I figure it was probably vintage style with chains and crystals, like something Deb Rubin would wear). Over my costume and my wings, they draped me in pure white silk, arranged like the gown of some ancient goddess in a painting. I danced onto stage and shed the silk and unfurled my wings, to the gasps of the audience...

Then I woke up. No wings. No amazing dance opportunities. Back to mundane life. But ah, what a dream...

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