Monday, June 13, 2011

Fun with isolations

Day 163 of practice.

So, today I learned that I can do belly rolls and chest circles while drinking tea, and execute a pretty floreo with my left hand while my right holds the mug. That was a fun little bit of practice while rearranging my iPod playlists. I'd had the same "Homework" playlist since probably around when I started working on my Convivio solo and I was way beyond bored with those songs.

I decided to combat my usual post-performance blahs by jumping right into working on my next solo, which as it turns out will be a veil piece. It also turns out that I will need to buy a veil to match the costume I want to wear.

Tomorrow my plan is to practice during the day and try to get a really long, really good session in with some solo practice, and recital practice, and skirt practice, and some drills. I also need to get into practicing the moves from Fonda's class, because with the new format we're learning more things that I don't already do in Anaya classes, or that are done differently.

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