Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I've picked out my year's end reward

Hey look, it's another supplemental, non-practice post! My goal is to do about one of this a week from now on. We'll see how that goes.

So back when I started this thing, I wondered what I should do to reward myself... should I buy frequent rewards (one for every completed month?) or save up for a really big one? So far I've occasionally treated myself for big milestones, but for the most part I've been just buying myself things when I found something I wanted or needed, or when I was at a workshop.

But recently I found something to look forward to as my one year of practice reward -- 3rd Coast Tribal! It has a lot going for it -- awesome instructors, an early January date that nicely coincides with the end of my goal, and it's conveniently located in Ft Worth, where my husband frequently goes for business trips, so I can probably piggyback onto a trip and take advantage of the fact that his employer will be paying for the hotel and car ;) Plus since it's right after the holidays, if any of my loved ones are stumped on what to give me, they can pay for a workshop or buy a gift certificate for a vendor that will be there, or a TX restaurant, or what have you.

My awesome carpool buddy Dawn and awesome Ren Faire carpool buddy Cynthia are also considering coming, so that would make it even more fun -- an adventure with friends, and then sharing a hotel with my husband at night!

Some of the workshops are already selling out, so I may need to start registering now, which means I'll have to stick to my resolution of not taking anymore big weekend workshops for the rest of the Summer and early Autumn -- I already passed up Suhaila at the end of July, even though three of my best Tucson dance buds are going.


  1. Awww, thanks Ashley! I miss you :) Any chance I'll see you around Plaza again once you're out of moving hell?


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