Friday, June 24, 2011

Ceiling fan!!!

Day 174 of practice.

Do you know what I still hate? The stupid low-hanging ceiling fan in my living room. I was doing some veil practice and I flung my veil overhead to walk under it, and whacked the ceiling fan. Luckily I am not that woman in "1000 Ways to Die" so my fan was not running and I was not strangled to death. But seriously. I'm a dedicated dancer. Why don't I have a dedicated dance space? Why am I still fighting with my ceiling fan, and hoping that my dogs don't come lick my face while I'm doing floorwork?

Anyway, practice was all over the place today. I did shoulder and hip isolations while waiting at the bank. I did glute squeezes while reading on the floor. I did veil solo practice. Have I mentioned that I love my new veil? It's heavier than my other silk veil, so that when I spin fast, it makes a loud rippling noise like a sail. It's so sweet!

Oh yes, you probably expected that I'd be blogging about classes. Plaza de Anaya is closed for two weeks, so no class for me tonight. I'm really excited for the next session, though. In Anaya Tribal we'll be moving on to more advanced moves again, and in Divine Chaos skirt we'll be learning skirt and fan combos. Skirt! And fan! I've already reserved a pair of green fans.

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