Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Intoducing Sophia Ravenna...

Oh, it's me! Yes, I've officially decided on a dance name -- Sophia Ravenna. As it turns out, as nice as Sophia Hariti sounds, Hariti not only means "green" in Sanskrit, it's also the name of a goddess of childbirth, motherhood, and protecting babies. All very good roles for a goddess to have, but that certainly doesn't fit my childfree lifestyle. So remember, everyone... when you're picking out a stage name or pen name, make sure you do some research instead of just picking something that sounds nice on a baby name page.

Speaking of pages, I made this post to let you know that I just set up the Sophia Ravenna Fan Page on Facebook. You can stroke my ego by clicking the Like button, and then you will get a couple of dance-related posts a day and updates on where I'll be studying or performing. Also, there will be pretty pictures! And who knows what else!


  1. Gorgeous headdress!!! Cayte x

  2. Thank you, Cayte! I'll be making a post about the artist who created it in the near future :)


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