Sunday, June 12, 2011

Home from the Hafla

Day 162 of practice.

Please forgive the unglamorous backdrop, the lighting at the hookah lounge wasn't great so I had Chris take some pictures of me in costume after I got home. I'm very happy with my costume/hair/makeup from this performance! I had better be, since I spent almost 2 hours getting ready for my little solo.

Tonight was a fun experience for me. Dawn and I arrived early, and found that the hookah lounge did not have a dedicated stage area for the dancers, and that it was divided into two rooms. Well, that was exciting! I've never done a performance where I had to circulate among the crowd before, though we've played with it a bit at the Anaya performance prep classes. I think I did alright, but because of that set-up, there was no real chance to get video. It's a shame, because I really like my Convivio solo. I guess I'll have to perform it again sometime.

I did not get a lot of dance practice today, though I did play around a bit to the new exciting song I found (it's a secret!) while I was cleaning. And I feel like I got some very valuable experience today, from accidentally deciding to do a winged sort of eyeliner, to dancing in a hookah lounge without a stage.

By the way, the pants that I'm wearing in the photo are the ones that sort of cemented my status as a dance pants addict. The picture does not do them justice, they have some sort of magical power that makes my already pretty nice legs look amazing. I've been waiting for the perfect performance to wear them for and this was it!


  1. Is this a fusion piece by any chance? I will have a *real stage* with lights at Fully Fusion on July 9th!

  2. Mahin, it IS a fusion piece! Is that a hint that I should get on the waiting list for Fully Fusion? ;)


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