Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy dancer is happy.

Days 168, 169, and 170.

I am back from my internetless sojourn to Scottsdale! My husband and I decided to make a long weekend out of the recital, and have some fun in the Phoenix area. Unfortunately, while we got a great deal on a resort in Scottsdale, the resort found it acceptable to charge through the nose for internet. And not even WiFi! I guess I'm spoiled but I feel like there should be free WiFi in every hotel, coffee shop, and bookstore. Anyway, I figured I could go ahead and post quick blog updates from my phone, but no. No matter how many times I touched the text box it wouldn't bring up my keyboard! I have no idea what is up with that but I did not approve.

Anyway, the recital was a lot of fun. I'll post some pictures from it tomorrow, maybe even video eventually, if someone got a good recording.

The happiness mentioned in the title comes from getting kudos not just from Tiffany* who was there to watch the recital, but also Cari* who is away in TX and just heard about the performance. Cari has a lot going on, so the fact that I not only made her proud, but that she took the time to let me know just fills me with warm fuzzies. Plus it's always a good feeling to have external validation that my daily practice is paying off.

Speaking of daily practice, the past three days of practice were...

168: Over half an hour of arm drills while watching stupid reality TV in our hotel room.

169: Warming up with shimmies and isolations before the performance. 7 minute long performance of fast with zills and slinky slowness. Playing with my new veil back at the hotel room.

170: Today! Lots of drilling. Did 25 reps each of calf raises (Fonda likes to make us do those), various arm isolations, floreos to the inside and outside, and hip drops on each side. Then some shimmies!

*My Anaya Tribal teachers, in case you didn't already know.

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