Saturday, June 25, 2011

Off day

Day 175 of practice.

Only a few minutes of lackluster practice. I'm really not feeling it today. I'm pre-occupied by life stuff and I'm frustrated with my tiny dance space. On Sunday, if nothing stupid comes up, I want to spend some time in our detached garage and see if I can make room for myself to dance in there. I need vertical space to throw my veil around and horizontal space to do traveling steps, especially with my skirt.


  1. It's too bloody hot to dance, it's starting to wreak havoc with my practice. Hope there's a swamp cooler in that garage!

  2. It has the same model of swamp cooler that cools our entire house! The previous owner used it as a welding workshop so he needed hardcore cooling.

  3. Welding, that's why Kev put a swamp cooler in our garage. Too bad I can't use it as a dance room.

  4. If there's welding stuff in there I'm sure there's not much room for dancing!


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