Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bad hip, bad.

Day 158 of practice.

My left hip was bothering me today, for no good reason. Luckily it felt better after a good massage from my husband, but by the time he got done with that it was too late for major dance practice. I did work on my solo, and show him the Jen and AJ Combo of Awesomeness, and now I'm sitting here doing belly rolls and working on flutters.

No park for me tonight because we had to run more than half a dozen errands, which ran well past the start-time. But in a way that's OK, as the stuff needed to be done and there were things I had to do at home tonight, too. Dancing at the park is fun, and I was looking forward to gushing about Rachel Brice, but the things we practice at the park are not what I need to focus on this week. I need to be thinking about my solo and the recital!

Speaking of my solo, I'll post details about the when and where tomorrow, in case you happen to live in the Phoenix area and want to see some awesome belly dancers this Saturday.

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