Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This and that

Day 172 of practice.

Well, today was pretty productive, practice-wise. I got some dancing done while I cleaned up and did various jewelry-business-related things, then I spent a few songs really dancing tonight, including working on my new veil solo and reviewing Anaya Tribal moves. Then I worked on the homework that Cari has been assigning us from TX. I guess I'm a total nerd because I love homework. It takes some of the guesswork out of what I should be practicing.

I'm not sure if the veil solo will be ready for my performance on the 30th. But the good thing is, if I'm not comfortable with it, there's always Convivio. I'm still not sick of that song and now that I've performed it twice and practiced it so much at home, I feel like it's something that I can pull out whenever I need a quick, pretty solo piece.

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