Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The 5 minute challenge

Day 88 of practice.

In today's Daily Bellydance Quickie, Mahin offered a challenge to her readers -- for the next 7 days, spend 5 minutes a day practicing something specific that you need to work on. Well, since she mentioned my blog last week in a DBQ that later inspired this week's challenge (thank you, Mahin! You doubled my followers!), you know I have to play along! I've decided that every day this week, no matter what else I am doing for my practice, I am going to practice my zills with Anaya Tribal moves for 5 minutes a day -- and not just easy stuff, either! I'm going to do every combo that comes to mind, and keep powering through even when I mess up.

Anyway, I started on that today, and I also worked on my solo, and I also danced during the day while doing housework. I plan to run my solo one more time before bed, as I feel like I should probably run it 2-3 times a day now until I really get it, but if I do it over and over again in a row, I'll get sick of it and not really feel it.

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