Saturday, March 19, 2011

Short practice

Day 77 of practice.

Well, today was my 11th wedding anniversary, so needless to say, dance was not my top priority. I did put on "Turbo Tabla 4" and practice for my solo at 1pm, to celebrate Dance Anywhere. Not out in public, but I did leave my living room blinds open so all the world (or the neighbors across the street) could see me dance. Just now, I spent a few minutes walking around my house with my zills, then danced around to "The Hunt" by Niyaz, because it's one of my favorite songs ever. I did a solo to it almost a year ago, my first solo performance, and I'm thinking it might be nice to perform it at the next hafla down here in Tucson and see how much my dance has changed!

Add to that some stretching, some belly rolls in the shower and some belly rolls now and I probably only clock in at about 15-20 minutes of practice. But since I am overly full from a giant dinner, and I had 4 1/2 hours of belly dance classes between Weds and Thurs, I think I'm OK with not doing a full half hour :)

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