Sunday, March 20, 2011

Interspersed throughout the day

Day 78 of practice.

Practice today was mostly simple shimmies and bits of dancing throughout the house as I did some major cleaning. It's hard to get real practice right now because it's too warm without the ceiling fan on, but with the fan on I live in mortal fear for the my fingers (stupid low hanging fan!), and forget doing veil. Hopefully my husband will get the evaporative cooler up and running, so I can turn the fan off and practice. Otherwise I'll have to stick to practicing moves where my arms never go overhead, and that really cuts out a lot of my vocabulary.

The fun thing lately has been slowly learning to pick out the Middle Eastern rhythms in the songs I listen to -- although I'm also noticing now that a lot of them have a simple, boring drum machine playing a basic backbeat, instead of a drummer on the doumbek playing rhythms. Basic drum machine beats are easy to practice ITS to, because they don't change, but I think it may be time to occasionally challenge myself a bit more as I try to improve my musicality.

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