Sunday, March 20, 2011

Back to the usual

Day 79 of practice.

Today I went back to my usual practice mode, half an hour of dancing to my Homework playlist on iTunes. There were zills, and there was veil, and there was Anaya Tribal practice, and there were moments of "Wait, how does the rest of this combo go?" especially when it came to slow, because we just don't do enough of that in class.

I guess my zills sound less bad than they used to, but I still felt like I was playing a little too fast, and I lost the beat on some combos. I really do much better when I'm in a group with a strong zill player to keep me on-track! I don't imagine myself ever playing zills as part of my solo dance career -- I just don't have the natural musicality for it, nor am I really good at counting beats in my head.

Veil, on the other hand, still makes me really happy, and I think I know why. In my dance, I tend to be very expressive with my arms and hands, but sometimes I also go overboard, changing position a little too often. Veil allows me to really make my arm and hand movements the star of the show, but holding the veil also somewhat controls exactly how and where my arms are, and keeping my arms slow and proud and beautiful allows the silk to really flow nicely.

Well, those are my observations for the day. I think tomorrow I'll try to throw some drills into the mix.

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