Wednesday, March 30, 2011

An assault on the ears

Day 89 of practice.

So, tonight was the last session of zills at The Dance Loft (although we'll be doing zills from now on when we do fast moves), and once again I did well in class and Fonda told me how I have zills down. Then I came home and did my 5 minutes of Anaya-and-zills practice, and I sucked. Wow, was I bad! I kept messing up, and one of my zills was a little loose and kept trying to come off of my thumb, and it was just awful. I mean, I was on beat as long as I wasn't doing a complicated combo, but get me switching feet and spinning and I sounded like a bag of zills falling down the stairs.

I realized that the song I practiced to last night was only 3 1/2 minutes long, so I chose a 6 minute song tonight and I'll practice with that for the next 5 days, too, which will more than make up for shorting myself yesterday.

Oh, and to make myself feel less bad about my zillage, I should also mention that Fonda gave me props for my vibration shimmy tonight. I'm telling you, dear readers, practice really pays off!

Next week we're going to do balance props, so I need to decide if I want to work with my sword, which I don't like much, or if I want to go out shopping for a basket or tray or something. I may go that route, because it would be easier to practice with at home, and The Dance Loft can get a little crowded sometimes, so it may be good to have a more compact prop to fall back on, even if I do want to work with my sword sometimes.

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