Friday, March 25, 2011

Just practicing

Day 84 of practice.

Nothing really exciting on the practice front today -- some dancing while doing housework, some isolations while watching DVDs, and then some solo practice and some zills. Solo went alright, but zills were pretty bad. Of course, I have a bit of a headache so my heart wasn't really in to the playing of clangy instruments.

Speaking of zills, we didn't really have what I would consider a "throw-down" last night, so I dunno what that was about. We did get to use our zills in Fundamentals class (and I really hope we keep using them, because I need the practice), and we did spend 20 straight minutes dancing with them in Performance Prep, so maybe that's what Cari meant? Not sure.

I have two more weeks to work on my solo, so by then it will either be awesome, or I'll be thoroughly sick of the song.

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