Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Oh yeah! Blogging!

Day 68 of practice.

I got back from dance class 2 1/2 hours ago, but I forgot to update my blog because I was busy eating dinner and such. Today I was weirdly nauseated again (before anyone asks, no, I am definitely not pregnant. I think my husband gave me a poisoned chocolate bar), so I didn't feel up to eating before class and I barely felt up to going to class at all, but I did anyway because I wanted to dance and have fun instead of vegging out in front of the computer all night.

Class was crowded! Probably the most people I've seen at the Dance Loft so far. It was the usual mix of beginning and returning students. Even though I've only been going off and on since the start of the year, I always get lumped with the advanced students due to my Anaya experience, so I got to stand at the front of the class and clock in and out of leader position. Too bad for the students following me that I keep cuing things the Anaya way! Sorry newbies, I'll try to be more consistent next time!

I'm happy, because Fonda said my zilling sounded just right tonight... I'm used to being totally off, but the song had an easy drum pattern and we were doing basic moves, so it was easy to stay relaxed and not rush my triplet pattern.

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