Thursday, March 10, 2011

Because I'm hardcore!

Day 69 of practice.

This session, I'm taking all three classes offered on Thursday nights at Plaza de Anaya. That means that I leave the house at around 4:30 and don't get back until around 11:30. People always act shocked and amazed that I make the round-trip drive once a week, more often if I'm also doing a weekend workshop, but hey -- some people commute from Tucson to Phoenix 5 days a week. And in the past, when belly dance was less common, dancers would upend their entire lives and move to another city/state/country to be near good teachers. So yes, I am a little hardcore, but I'm not the most hardcore.

And the three hours of classes won't be too bad this session, because Performance Prep now starts off with some seated Q&A discussion time, about performing and dance and such, and the class I'm taking on Middle Eastern Rhythms for Drummers and Dancers starts off with everyone seated for a drum lesson. So I don't feel nearly as beat up as I did when I was taking Anaya tribal and palm flames and sword. That was a rough session!

We have to come up with a tribal solo for Performance Prep class, so I need to pick a short, fun song to work with... but first, I've got to get through Saturday's veil performance!

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