Monday, March 7, 2011

Taking it easy

Day 66 of practice.

I'm still sore, tired and dehydrated from my weekend at Wild Wild West Con, so today's practice was broken up into manageable chunks. Breakfast shimmies, chair dancing to various music, and then just now a shimmy warm-up and some veil performance practice. I'm feeling pretty good about my veil piece! Now to figure out a costume already.

The above picture was taken at WWWC. The fun thing about having a convention at Old Tucson Studios (a former movie set where many westerns were filmed, before most of it burnt down in the '90s and was rebuilt and turned into more of a theme park), is that costume photos have fun, authentically old-timey backgrounds. Here, Miss Sophia Freelove Greene seems to be saying "Really, you expect me to ride in this?" It's easy to get spoiled by airship travel! This costume was inspired by Victorian-era Orientalist paintings, but of course I gave it a steampunk twist.

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