Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wild Wild West Workshop

Today I got some real, quality practice. While at Wild Wild West Con, I was able to take a workshop from Lori, aided by her fellow Lykiska dancers. There were three combos, including a special Clock Combo that they developed especially for the convention. It was my first time learning from Lori and I really enjoyed it!

The only strange part is that the workshop was held in front of one of the performance stages, which meant we had a lot of random people just sitting there watching us! Luckily most of them left, but it was still really weird to have an "audience" while learning. And just like last night's concert it was a concrete floor, which was less than ideal. I saved my feet by hopping onto the stage itself (wood!), which had the bonus of allowing me to see over the other students' heads.

Over all, WWWC was a fun event, and I may still head over to the hotel for tonight's after party.

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