Thursday, March 17, 2011

No Irish jigs here

Day 76 of practice.

I spent my St. Patrick's Day the way I spend almost every Thursday -- at Plaza de Anaya, taking classes! Sadly, this meant no alcohol for me, green or otherwise, since I was making the long drive home all by myself. But I did wear lots and lots of green.

Classes were good. Well, I am really quite bored repeating Fun-Duh-Mentals over and over again. I know it's good to practice the basics, but relearning them is boring. In Performance Prep, we got to practice different formations, and pretending to perform. Next week is apparently going to be a "zill throwdown" whatever that means, and we're supposed to practice our zills at home all week. Good thing Fonda is covering zills at The Dance Loft! Extra zill training for me!

In the Rhythm class, we covered Ayoub, also known as the rhythm used for the zar ritual dance. The class was half the size it was last week -- I guess everyone else was out partying. Oh well. I had fun, even though the ab/chest pop that we were supposed to do in one combo was really hard for me.

Tomorrow is Dance Anywhere Day! Whatever you're doing, drop everything at 1pm PST and dance! Whatever sort of dance you want!

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