Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh my gosh, a picture!

Day 86 of practice.

Hey, a picture! Stolen shamelessly from Facebook! These are just some of my lovely dance friends who came out for the Ren Faire invasion! The back row consists of the Ghazaal Beledi dancers, with one of their musicians standing in front of them. Everyone else is an attendee! We were out in force! And so well-dressed, too. You can't tell in the photo, but I'm actually wearing some purple and blue with my black and green, much to the delight of my friends. I'm trying to learn to love contrast.

Anyway, today has been a lazy practice day, because I'm tired and dehydrated from Ren Faire! I danced while washing dishes, and now I'm sitting here doing isolations and chair dancing while I type. I think I'll do some nice stretches after this, as I didn't stretch at all after yesterday's shimmy marathon, and my legs were telling me about it this morning. I want to throw myself into some more hardcore practice this week, so I need my body to be in good shape and ready for a little abuse.

I think I'll also get back to work on my flashcard project. I need to remember to put some blank index cards in my dance bag; my goal is to write down new combos right after class, while they're still fresh in my mind and while Cari is there in case I need to ask for some clarification.


  1. Flashcards - great idea! Do they help you pretty well when practicing in between classes?

  2. Well, to be honest, so far I've only made flashcards for the beginner moves, and I know them so well that I could do them in my sleep, so I don't really NEED those cards. But once I have a complete set, I have big plans for them!


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