Sunday, January 16, 2011

DUI -- Dancing Under the Influence

Day 16 of practice.

Even though I'm almost 29, drinking is a relatively new thing for me... I finally started experimenting with it last year, and I'm still a very light drinker, never having more than one drink in a sitting and only enjoying a small selection of alcoholic beverages -- ciders, fruit lambics, and girly mixed drinks that I can't taste the alcohol in. Oh, and absinthe with sugar, because it's GREEN! and tastes like alcoholic licorice.

Since the first time I drank an entire glass of absinthe, I've wondered whether I would be a better or worse dancer with a buzz on. But most of the time when I drink, it's with a meal, or when we have friends over for a gaming night, so there's not really a good chance to test it. But I currently have a fridge full of lambic and cider, so tonight I decided to drink a cider quickly while putting together this week's "Homework" playlist (more on that tomorrow) and then see how it affected my dancing.

At first I thought I didn't even have a little buzz, but as I started to crate the puppies and get my veil, I started to feel it. During my warm-up and the first song, I felt fine. For the second song, I felt very sassy, had some fun, and thought I should be wearing my fedora to match my attitude. But then it really hit me. I started to feel slightly detached from my body, unable to fully focus on the music or remember my slow moves (actually, I always have a hard time with slow moves, but this was worse than usual). My Maya Box was a joke! I forced myself to do one song of veil after that, and really just drifted my way through the song. I wasn't really awful, just not as involved in the dance as I should be.

And now I'm having a hard time focusing on the screen to type this, and I've corrected a lot of typos. I think it's time to drink some water and write this off as a failed experiment! And to think, some people drink a shot before performing to ward off anxiety!

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