Saturday, January 15, 2011

Skirt Combos and Shopping!

Today I went up to Mesa (part of the Phoenix metropolis) to go to Yasmina's Belly Dance Swap Meet. I don't know how Yasmina can do it, but she lets people set up booths for $10 and the workshops are $5 each! It's a super deal, and the weather was so warm and beautiful, so it was nice to be at an outdoor event (although we got really hot inside doing the workshop!).

The workshop was skirt combos with Divine Chaos, and in an hour they managed to cover FOUR combos! Those ladies can teach! The combos were a lot of fun, kind of flirty and sassy and energetic, but also graceful because of the swirling skirts. It was a good thing we were in a big room, because there were a lot of students and of course we were all flinging our skirts around and twirling and traveling!

Unfortunately, by the time I got out of the workshop, which was the last of the day, most of the vendors were already tearing down their booths, which made it hard to shop. I did get myself the prettiest hair clip, made with hand-dyed flowers, and a cute belt with shisha mirrors, and spent less than $20 total. I'll post a pic, maybe tomorrow!

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