Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tribal Veil Class

Tonight, I branched out a bit. One of my Tucson friends, who teaches drop-in-friendly tribal classes in town, announced that the first four weeks of the year were going to be a veil intensive. Well, that got my attention fast! I have two veils just lying around my house, loved but unused, and finally I would have a chance to do something with them!

So off I went to The Dance Loft, which is, I might add, very hard to find at night. It's in a very dark warehouse district and has one little unlit black sign pointing to it! But I made my way there and found myself in the company of a mix of regular students, people who were familiar with belly dance but new to The Dance Loft, and one lady who was new to belly dance altogether. A very fun mix.

That means that tonight's half hour of practice was actually an hour and twenty minutes plus of class, reviewing slow tribal moves and layering veils on top of them, plus going over wrapping yourself with the veil, doing a veil entrance, how to properly hold a veil, etc. It was all very much fun and it got me out of the house, which was a big plus! I can't wait to go back next week.

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