Friday, January 21, 2011

Three weeks!

Day 21 of practice.

Here we are, three weeks in and I haven't given up yet! I also haven't changed my trend of late-night practice :) Just got done with my daily half-hour, dancing my way through my homework playlist (a mix of Lisa Gerrard, Wench, Dead Can Dance, Voltaire, Abney Park, and Beats Antique), playing with my veil, practicing the new Anaya Tribal combos I learned last night, and experimenting with solo moves.

Tomorrow should be a bit of a challenge, as I have a crazy-busy day. 12-5 I'll be working, helping a friend get ready for vending at the gem shows, then by the time I get home, my gaming group will be here to play some Legend of the Five Rings, which will probably last past midnight. Should I dance before work? Do belly rolls while I work? Dance during the dinner break at the game? Or dance after the game? I guess I'll have to see what feels good at the time, but it will be good practice for gem show itself, when I'll be working 8-10 hours a day and then socializing almost every night after work!

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