Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Tonight was the last part of the 4-week veil intensive. I'll miss it so much! I'm going to keep taking Fonda's classes at the Dance Loft, but they won't be VEIL classes!

I think I'm going to perform veil at a hafla in March, which means I really have to start shopping for another veil. Once I get a veil I like, I will post photos showing just how ridiculously big my veil is compared to a normal-sized veil -- I think maybe it was made for a basketball player? It's so big that yesterday I somehow managed to get my foot wrapped up in it!

Speaking of performing, my friend Jen and I, and maybe our friend Meghan, will be performing some Anaya Tribal style moves up in Tempe on Sunday! My first performance of the year! YEAH!

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