Monday, January 31, 2011

One Month! WOOHOO!

Day 31 of practice. That's right! One whole month!

You'd think I would celebrate this milestone with some sort of really awesome practice, but I'm actually quite busy getting ready for gem show, so instead I did shimmies while cleaning the kitchen and making tea, and belly rolls while drinking tea and writing this blog post.

Suddenly, I am good at belly rolls. I mean, not amazing, I'm not going to flip quarters or anything like that, but they're so much smoother, I can feel the transition from upper to mid to lower abs, and they're not making me queasy. I guess the sporadic practice has done me a lot of good! I intend to practice them every day while I work at the gem show (I spend a lot of time sitting behind the counter packaging crystals, so I won't be weirding the customers out). After that it will be time to explore how to do flutters, because that would be a really nice trick to have available for my solo work.

I am really excited that I'm already 1/12th of the way through my goal of one year of practice!

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