Friday, January 14, 2011

Two weeks!

It's the 14th day of the year, which means 14 straight days of practice!

Tonight was some general practice. I made sure to do the new Anaya combo I learned last night, so I wouldn't forget it, and the new veil moves from Wednesday. I tried my cotton rectangle veil to see if I like it better than my synthetic semi-circle. The answer is no, I do not particularly like it.

A couple quick observations, two weeks in:

It was a great idea for me to take Fonda's veil class, having the veil to play with adds an extra dimension to my practice which has been a lot of fun! Plus I get to support my local community and meet new people.

If I'm going to do drills, I need to watch a DVD because otherwise I really slack off.

Ceiling fan. Grrr.

Having this blog really keeps me accountable!

Tomorrow I'll buy myself a two-weeks reward at the belly dance swap meet!

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