Monday, January 24, 2011

Spinning faster and faster

Day 24 of practice.

In veil class last week, Fonda taught us the secret to a good one-armed spin with a veil, but she didn't really have us practice it much -- probably because that many dancers spinning with veils in a relatively small studio would have resulted in collisions, veil tangles, and possibly injuries. But she encouraged us to try it at home, and boy have I! I started with relatively sedate turns, but tonight I was really feeling it and I spun faster and faster, so that my rather heavy synthetic veil was really billowing behind me! After the song finished I was pretty dizzy, so it's a good thing it's followed immediately by my slow veil practice song, allowing me to pretty much stand in place while the room spun around me!

I've also been practicing some really quick, dramatic turns for my solos, and I'm happy with how they're coming along -- although I only know how they feel to me, they might actually LOOK awful. I don't have a mirror in the living room, so I rely on my shadow, my reflection in the TV, and how things feel.

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