Thursday, January 13, 2011

I love performance prep class!

Day 13 of practice.

Another fun night of Anaya Tribal classes. In advanced/performance prep, we once again split the class in half and practiced performing for each other, but this time instead of having the roomy dance floor to work with, we had to dance in the retail area, simulating a crowded restaurant or tiny stage! It was really challenging to have 5 dancers in a small space, especially since we were pretty much right on top of our "audience."

I really admire people who dance in restaurants as their regular gig. There's not a lot of room, you never know what will be on the floor, you and the wait staff have to dodge around each other, and some of your audience is more interested in their food than in you!

As is usually the case after two hours of dance and a 3+ hour round trip, I am beat! Time for some restful sleep to recover.

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