Sunday, January 9, 2011

Just dancing

Another night of way-past-midnight practice. This was an odd day. There was a shooting in my city, an attempted assassination, which put me in a rather off mood. I was determined to dance away the negativity, but we also had house guests coming, so the first part of the day was spent cleaning house. I settled for little dance moves here and there, and lots of loudly singing along with songs, but the real dancing didn't happen until after the guests left.

I put on some music and just danced, mainly focusing on the joy of the movement. I did practice some of my Anaya Tribal moves, but they were sprinkled in with lots of straight-up improv. My favorite part was dancing to "Iyansa" by Faun, a song that starts out slow, kicks into a medium tempo, and then gets faster and faster and faster, until I can barely keep up, and then gets slow again. It's a fun one for practicing fast turns, spins and shimmies.

Next week, I think I'll add links to some of my favorite bands to the sidebar, so that when I talk about one, you have the option of easily visiting their page and hopefully checking out some clips or sample downloads and deciding if you like them, too. I'm lucky to be married to a guy who loves music and really enjoys finding new and unusual things for me to dance to!


  1. I would love to check out some of the music you are dancing to! Links are awesome. The shooting has left me all sad and stressed. Dancing away the negativety sounds good.

  2. Ok, I'll start adding links tomorrow :)

    Tonight we drove by Giffords' office and there was a huge candlelight vigil! It made me feel a little better about the world to know that so many people were thinking about the victims of the shooting.


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