Tuesday, January 4, 2011

That felt GOOD!

Day 4 of practice.

Ah, finally, real dancing! My living room usually feels too small, but after three days of confining myself to the tiny office, it felt huge today. So much room to move! But the ceiling fan still hangs too low. I've really got to replace it with a flush-mount model.

I put on my "Homework" play list. This ever-changing short list of songs always has 1 or 2 songs appropriate for practicing Anaya Tribal fast moves, 1 or 2 for slow, songs that I'm considering for solos, and if applicable, songs that have been chosen for recital or that are being used for classes with choreography.

Tonight, the first song to come up was "Sadrang" by Niyaz. I want to perform a solo to this song, but it's over 5 minutes long and most haflas and open dances only allow 5 minutes for amateur solos. Nonetheless, I still practice to it. This time, the combination of Azam Ali's beautiful voice and my joy at actually dancing made me nearly burst with joy. What a feeling!

I proceeded to practice slow moves to "Kodama" and "In Dreams of Mine" by Faith and the Muse, and fast moves to "Beni Beni" by Niyaz and "Omnis Mundi Creatura" by Helium Vola. OK, let's just get this out of the way early: I really like Faith and the Muse and Niyaz. I practice to them a lot, and listen to them all the time outside of dance. Expect to see those two names a lot.

My main thoughts tonight, once I got down to practicing my Anaya Tribal moves was that I was really rusty! Good thing classes start back up on Thursday!

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