Sunday, January 9, 2011


Today's practice was an hour and a half long double sword workshop. I only had one sword, so I got to have fun improvising on the one combo that required two swords, much to the teacher's delight. Hey, I'm an improv girl at heart! A lot of my friends were there, so it was a social occasion as well, and one of my classmates custom-ordered a necklace, so it was lucrative as well. What a great day!

I love sword dancing in theory, but in practice I really hate my sword. It's supposedly designed for dancing, but it doesn't balance well and I don't like how it looks on my head. Of course, I liked it a lot better back before I met people with cooler swords, so it's probably partially envy and partially the fact that I have one of the cheapest possible belly dance swords ever. I keep telling myself that I need to practice with the cheap sword and get better, and then I can reward myself with a nicer sword to actually perform with!

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